11+ Mock Examination

Master11plus have considerable experience in delivering the mock 11+ exams. We fully adopt the current CEM methods, ensuring that your child receives the highest level of preparation for the 11+ entrance exam.  The 11+ CEM mock exam is a fantastic way to prepare your child for the real 11+ exam. Our exams help to identify any problem areas, allowing enough time to rectify them before the big day!

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11+ Mock Exam Tutor in Birmingham

Based on current CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University) format. We undertake extensive research to ensure that our 11+ mock exams reflect the style of questions, format & process carried out in the real 11+ exam. 

The 11+ CEM Mock Exams – all exams include a variation of questions covering Verbal/Non-verbal reasoning, Maths, English, cloze test and numerical reasoning. 

Real 11+ exam conditions – to ensure that your child is fully prepared for the real thing on the big day.  

Prepares child for test day – The mock exam helps to alleviate any nerves and fears early on, helping children to be calm and composed. 

Shows child’s current level of ability – You will be able to see where your child’s ability lies against other students and receive a confidential ranking.

All exams are different and increase in difficulty over the months leading up to the real 11+ exam, ensuring the highest level of preparation.

Receive detailed analysis report – This optional report (cost of £10) breaks down your child’s exam into sections that highlight key areas of weakness and topic analysis.

Children are examined for 2 hours in the four 11+ subjects just like those that will be tested on the day of the exam. After sitting the exam the papers are marked, analysed and then scored to give you an in depth report of your child’s performance.

The cost of each 11+ Mock Examination is now HALF PRICE! You can buy one mock exam for £45.00 or purchase 5 for £200 making a saving of £250. Our mocks are held on various dates throughout the year.

Trust in Master11plus to ensure that your child is fully prepared for the 11+ exam and to have the very best chance of passing it. We have over 25 years of experience in 11+ tutoring and it is this experience that makes the difference.

“…my daughter has progressed so much with tuition…her achievement is due to her hard work and excellent tutoring” – Helen Delmas

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